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Sick of You

Nemo finds herself sick again, spurring memories of a similar time she was sick in her childhood.


    Perennially out-of-shape Lalafell mage Izhu gets tutoring in the use of a blade from M'zinba. Cute moments are shared.

      Squeaking By

      Squeak battles for her life against a Sahagin patrol to try to save some innocent lives.

        Get Behind Me!

        (spoilers up to Chapter 17 of Fire Emblem Engage) Alcryst fights valiantly, seeking to redeem himself. This is an angst story, so you know what's going to happen to him.


          (Never finished) Tasi wanders the world alone, bereft of her symbiotic AI. Treated as a monster for a crime she didn't commit. Is there a place for a halflet?

            It's Shiny Time!

            The trial promised by the palace containing the sacred gemstone Elissa is after seems to have been a fluke - Elissa gets to the gemstone easily. Getting out of the palace, however...

              The Radiant Archer

              (Fire Emblem Engage) Etie falls during the battle with Soren due to a strategic error. Yunaka is displeased.

                Stairway to Eternal Love

                Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to Chapter 17. Several vignettes of interactions between Framme and Alear leading up to Eternal Love.

                  Eternal Love

                  (Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage up to Chapter 17.) Alear finally connects the dots about her feelings about Framme.

                    Hopeful Beginnings

                    (Fire Emblem Engage spoilers up to Chapter 12.) Alfred discovers some plans in his sister's desk.

                      Have Unhappy Endings

                      (Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage, up to Chapter 11.) Céline tries to return to the battlefield, emboldened by Alear's words.

                        Unhappy Stories

                        (Spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage, up to Chapter 11.) Alear looks for Céline during a feast. They share some sad moments remembering the fallen.

                          Meet your heroes

                          Izhu meets Lih Elakha, the nurse who gave her life to save Izhu's, as she and Rhela and Lani delve into the depths of the lifestream.

                            Cybernetic Care

                            Ylva looks after Rhode when the latter takes a bad hit to her prosthetic arm.

                            Introducing Rhela and Izhu

                            Newest Warrior of Light and companion Rhela (Mk. III) and Izhu (Mk. III) are faced with the Ifrit scene.

                              Lessons to Learn

                              Mother Joasia takes care of Sister Adelita's wounds after she gets a little bit too bold on the battlefield. She also teaches her more (ugh) Latin.

                                Thawing Warmth

                                (Endwalker spoilers, Lv.83-06) Jahy and Jihli are reunited after some separated tribulations.

                                Chilling Out

                                (Endwalker spoilers, Lv.82-05) Jahy and Jihli huddle together for warmth after a difficult battle.

                                A Moment's Respite

                                (Endwalker spoilers, Lv.80-21) In between hurrying and scurrying, Jahy and Jihli and the twins take a breather in Jahy and Jihli's room.

                                Welcome Home, Jihli

                                (Endwalker spoilers, Lv.80-S4) Being home is fraught with mixed feelings for Jihli Mihgo. Her friend Jahy Relanah is just excited to be here.

                                Touring the Ship

                                Nica gives new crewmates Ash and Lylah the tour of the ship.

                                  Unraveling Mind

                                  Tala and her other self wage mortal combat. Well, Tala's other self wages mortal combat. Tala mostly just bleeds. Dark journal writing.

                                    Unnecessary risk

                                    Glimmer tries to flee when it comes out that she's the daughter of a supervillain - as she's caught on camera kissing the daughter of a superheroine.

                                      Painfully bright

                                      Some angst near the beginning of Shadowbringers with Tala and Lixia.

                                        New Best Friend

                                        Meiyin contemplates what her life will look like now, with the help of Viola.


                                          Tinsel comforts Viola after a difficult moment.

                                            A Von Karma is Perfect

                                            Phoenix and Edgeworth discuss Edgeworth's coming out to his adoptive father.

                                              Opposites attract

                                              Tahlia and Bree are in love despite having very different lives.

                                                Good night

                                                Fia gets a good-night tucking-in from Eliza.


                                                  Morie gets too deep into an illusion and has to be pulled out.


                                                    Saraba's mind relives her outcasting at the hands of her Sisters over her willingness to treat yokai as fellow people.

                                                      A Name That's True

                                                      Feelings on identity explored through a paper thin metaphor of magic.

                                                        Jealous dragon

                                                        Shioyo is not happy to find that Mjara has been spending lots of time in the company of someone other than her.


                                                          The UruNaka heroes' families spend a series of quiet moments with each other.

                                                            Yokai Research Club: Heating Up

                                                            The Yokai Research Club is forced to come to terms with something terrible.

                                                            Summer vacation is coming... and Ms. Okano is going to be out of their reach for forty days and forty nights.

                                                            How will they stop her?

                                                              Splashing Around

                                                              Mimi and her sisters and Sami splash around while their families are busy.

                                                                The Wedding Dress

                                                                Lell comes home early and discovers Serynth's secret.

                                                                  Taking Cover

                                                                  Celie is in trouble, and her friends are a ways away. Will they be able to get to her in time?

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