Reading 2022 #3: How Do We Relationship? Vol. 1 by Tamifull

‣‣‣ 405 words ( read)

The first non-kink book of the year, and also the first manga of the year! A cute (but drama-heavy) lesbian romance!

Today's book was the first of the How Do We Relationship? series, by Tamifull. Not only is this the first non-kink book of the challenge, but also the first manga - and, like most of the manga in my collection, it's gay as hell.

This book was actually mostly read before I started trying to clean out my book collection a little bit more, and I only read the last few chapters last night. I think... if I remember correctly, I stopped because this was no lighthearted romp through a garden of lilies, but a serious look at the relationship between two women. Which was fun and fulfilling to read, but not quite what I was looking for at the time - I really just needed a break for my brain, something I could just read and giggle along to.

Per usual, I'll be spoiling things excessively in the rest of this post, so walk away now if you want to read this for yourself.


Because of the nature of how I read this book, it's a bit tougher for me to remember all the details. But...

I like the awkward handling of how things started off, which, yes, is a moe trait. But I feel like as the chapters go on the awkwardness gets used more and more for drama, which I love. Drama is my life. It is my bread and butter. If it's got drama and angst, I'm there. And there's still plenty of cute moments between the characters too, which is good. You gotta have that balance!

Ummm, let's see... It's interesting how I've flip-flopped in that I would previously have identified mainly with Miwa, the demure, shy, easily embarrassed one. But nowadays? I'm 100% Saeko, the loud, outgoing, shameless one. I'm eager to see how their relationship continues to develop.

(The only thing that's still Miwa about me is that I think of sex as something bad and uncomfortable, which... I mean... that could change! As it did for Miwa!)

Oh, right! The art is HELLA cute. That was a huge part of what drew me to this (that and the drama obviously).

I think that's about all I got at the moment - thanks to reading this book months apart and while drugged with melatonin in both period, and without notes this time, I'm drawing a lot more blanks. u_u But! It's a book out of my collection! On to the next!