The first post on my new blog!!

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A post encapsulating my excitement about having a new blog!

That's right nerds, I have a new place to put writing!

With Tumblr being a useless butt (and a lot of people that I knew fleeing it), I was kinda bummed. I needed somewhere to put my writing that wasn't going to abandon me, but that also wasn't going to be a giant pain in the neck to operate and all that jazz.

And so, this blog. It's a static site, so it can't be hijacked anywhere near as easily as a live site could be, and I have zero need to update its software or any of that crap just to keep it from being hackable. But I still have full control of the thing, because I have the source and the software that generates it on my computer. If Github or Netlify decides to throw a fit, I still have my stories, I don't need to wait a week for Tumblr to do my friggin export. And it's safe even if I get caught totally off guard.

Plus, I can use my HTML/CSS/JS skills this way. Not just to make the website (which was more of a necessity than a joy, and my design chops are weak and the site is somewhat plain. But I ended up having fun with it - try resizing the window, it's RESPONSIVE!), but if I want to do any fun interactive things, I can easily put them up on this site. So that's cool, right?

You know it's cool because you can't respond. A bug? A feature? Oh well, I still have my Twitter and my CuriousCat. I can always add more interactivity directly on this site if I really want to.

But in the end, this is the way things should be: I talk and you listen. >:3

I do still have a bunch more features I want to add. Like putting read-mores in, so that I can just have the summary be the beginning of the post the way it was on my previous blogs. All in due time.

I'm sure visiting some random site is more difficult than visiting a common consumption dashboard. I'll be putting up an RSS feed eventually, and probably tweeting about posts as I make them. That's something to be worked out, too.

I have my backup from Tumblr; eventually, I'll put it to use and upload my back catalog to this site.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hopefully this will be for the best.